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Howard Lettinga


Howard is on a mission: to create tiny ripples of good and positivity on the sea of life. He thinks a combination of respect, humility and critical thinking together with good writing and presenting skills can build a better world. He wants to help people present their ideas… and create those ripples.

Howard believes that the fundamentals of a successful presentation are planning, process and perseverance. To give a great presentation, you have to do the hard work: write the first draft, second draft, third draft, rehearse, rewrite, rehearse, rewrite, rehearse, rehearse and rehearse, then get on stage and land the plane. Howard has over 30 years’ experience as a corporate communications professional. He is also the senior speaker coach at TedxVenlo. So he has considerable experience in planning, process and perseverance. He loves working together with someone to find the insights, ideas, stories, sentences and words that make a great presentation. He loves building up to that moment suprême, when he can watch the audience react as the speaker lands the plane.

Howard’s favorite customers are passionate about building a great presentation. His favorite topics are about personal and professional development, things like mental training, creativity, collaboration and managing conflict. If you are looking for a driven, disciplined and determined speaker coach, Howard is your man!

Or in the words of Woody Allen: “Eighty percent of success is showing up.”

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